Great War Dust Jackets

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UK 1st eds. in dust jackets only.

There are many more books that I want so I shall

be adding to this list regularly.

(last updated 07th Mar 2022)

Anthony BERTRAM - The Sword Falls
Thomas BOYD - Through the Wheat
P. R. BUTLER - A Galloper at Ypres
Hugh DALTON - With British Guns in Italy
R. W. DOLBEY - A Regimental Surgeon in War & Prison
Ford Madox FORD - Some Do Not
                                    Zeppelin Nights
George GODWIN - Why Stay We Here
Oliver HOGUE - Trooper Bluegum at the Dardanelles
A. E. HORTON - When I Became a Man
Jeffrey JEFFREY - Servants of the Guns
Hugh KIMBER - San Fairy Ann
Patrick MACGILL - The Red Horizon
                                 The Amateur Army
Geoffrey MALINS - How I Filmed the War
John RODKER - Memoirs of Other Fronts
SAPPER - Men, Women & Guns
                  The Human Touch
Frederick SLEATH - Sniper Jackson
Cecil SOMMERS - Temporary Heroes
‘Tank Major’ - Tank Tales
J. TWELLS - In the Prison City
‘Vedette’ - The Adventures of an Ensign
A. P. VIVIAN - The Phantom Brigade
‘WAGGER’ - Battery Flashes

History of the Ministry of Munitions. Vols. 2, 4, 6, 7 & 12.

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