Great War Dust Jackets

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All books are 1st editions unless stated otherwise.


Gordon ALCHIN (Observer, R.F.C., pseud.). Captain, Royal Flying Corps.

Oxford and Flanders. Blackwell, Oxford 1916


Richard ALDINGTON (1892 - 1962). Served on the Western Front from 1916 as a private and as an officer. He was severely gassed. Published 'Death of a Hero' in 1929.

 Images (1910 - 1915). The Poetry Bookshop, London Dec. 1915. The hand-coloured cover illustration is by John Nash. Stamped 'Presentation Copy'

 Images of War. Beaumont Press, London 1919 with  illustrations by Paul Nash. no.122 of 200 with Aldington’s signature tipped in.

 Images of War. Allen & Unwin, London 1919.

 Images. The Egoist Limited, London (1919). A collection of Aldington's various imagist poems up to 1915.


Other works


 Death of a Hero. Chatto & Windus,

London 1929 in Paul Nash dw.


At All Costs. Heinemann, London 1930.

no.175 of 275 copies. Signed by Aldington.


Roads to Glory. Chatto & Windus, London 1930 in Paul Nash dw. 1st issue in gilt lettered brown buckram.


Herbert ASQUITH (1881 - 1947). Served on the Western Front as a Captain in the Royal Artillery. Second son of the Prime Minister and friend of Rupert Brooke.

 The Volunteer & Other Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1915. Wrappers.


The Volunteer & Other Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1917. 2nd ed. with 14 additional poems.


A Village Sermon & Other Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1920. in plain dw. lacking the spine.


Other works


Roon. A Novel. Hutchinson, London n.d. in dw. First cheap edition.


Leonard BARNES (1895 - 1977). Served on the Western Front with  2nd Kings Royal Rifles. Wounded 3 times. MC & bar.


Youth at Arms (1914 - 1918). Peter Davies, London 1933. In plain dw.


Harold BEGBIE (1871 – 1929). Christian author & Journalist.


Fighting Lines. Constable 1914 in pictorial dw.


Paul BEWSHER (1894 - 1966). DSC. Captain, Royal Naval Air Service.


The Dawn Patrol. Erskine Macdonald, London Feb. 1918 2nd imp. (f.p. Nov 1917) in brown wrappers.


The Bombing of Bruges. Hodder & Stoughton, London 1918. Inscribed and dated by the author, July 1920.


Laurence BINYON (1869 - 1943). Spent time briefly at the front as a Red Cross Orderly. 40 years at the BM in the dept. of Oriental Prints.


The Winnowing Fan:Poems on the Great War. Elkin Mathews, London 1914. Wrappers. First book appearance of 'For the Fallen' which previously appeared in The Times.


The Anvil. Elkin Mathews, London 1916. In plain dw.


The Four Years. Elkin Mathews, London 1919. 2nd ed. With an engraved frontispiece of Binyon by William Strang. An anthology of  Binyons' previous volumes of war poetry.


Captain C. W. BLACKALL

Songs from the Trenches. Bodley Head, London 1915 in wrappers.

 Cover illustration by Helen McKie.


Edmund BLUNDEN (1896 - 1974). Served on the Somme & at Ypres with the Royal Sussex regiment. Awarded the M.C. Published 'Undertones of War' in 1928 & important collections of the poetry of Owen & Gurney. Lifelong friend of Sassoon.


 Pastorals. Erskine Macdonald, London

16 June 1916. in the Little Books of Georgian Verse, Second Series. Uncut. Blunden’s' first commercial publication. Kirkpatrick, A7a. 1050 copies printed.


The Waggoner & Other Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 15 August 1920.Purple cloth in pale green dw. Kirkpatrick, A8a. 500 copies printed, this probably one of the first 250 as 100 were sent to NY and the last 150 were bound in green cloth.


The Shepherd & other Poems of Peace & War. Cobden-Sanderson, London April1922. Kirkpatrick, A10a. 1000 copies printed.


Masks of Time. The Beaumont Press, London 10th January 1925. no.184 of 310 copies on handmade paper. Illustrated by Randolph Schwabe. The war poems here were subsequently reprinted in 'Undertones of War'. with the bookplate of F. R. Kittermaster, Headmaster of The Kings School, Worcester. Kirkpatrick, A17a.


Retreat. Cobden-Sanderson, London May 1928 in plain dw. Kirkpatrick, A25a.

Undertones of War. Cobden-Sanderson, London 29th November 1928.In plain dw. Kirkpatrick, A28a. Contains 32 war poems.

also 2nd ed. June 1930 in orange dw. Kirkpatrick, A28c.


Near and Far. Cobden-Sanderson, London 26th September 1929. In plain dw. Kirkpatrick, A31a.


Poems 1914 - 1930. Cobden-Sanderson, London December 1930. In plain dw. Kirkpatrick, A35a.


To Themis. The Beaumont Press, London 24th November 1931. No. 255 of 325 copies on handmade paper. Illustrated by Randolph Schwabe.

Kirkpatrick, A40a.


Choice or Chance. Cobden-Sanderson, London November 1934. In plain dw. Kirkpatrick, A52a.


Poems 1930 - 1940. Macmillan & Co, London January 1941. In plain dw. Kirkpatrick, A68a. 2000 copies printed.


Poems of Many Years. Collins 1957 in d.w. Fulsomely inscribed by Blunden in 1967.


          A Selection of the Shorter Poems. J. A. White, Long Melford July 1966. Published to aid the         restoration of the Great Church of the Holy Trinity, Long Melford. Kirkpatrick, A169. 2000 copies printed. Inscribed and dated by Blunden on behalf of himself and his daughter Lucy, 14 IX 66.


Other Works


The Bonadventure. A Random Journal of an Atlantic Holiday. Cobden Sanderson, London December 1922. Kirkpatrick, A12. 1000 copies printed.

Inscribed to Edward Marsh ‘ E. M. from E. B. [ Suave mari magno! ] Novr 30, 1922’ The quote is from Lucretius ‘ How sweet to stand on the edge of the Great Sea…’  Marsh was Churchill’s secretary, editor of the Georgian Poetry anthologies and patron of many of the War Poets. He was introduced to  Blunden by Graves and they became close friends. Only a few months prior to this inscription Marsh had presented Blunden with the Hawthorndon prize for poetry 1922 for ‘The Shepherd’.




Mary BORDEN (Lady SPEARS) (1886 – 1968). Novelist & Pacifist. Set up a hospital on the Western Front 1914 – 1918. Awarded Croix de Guerre. Married Sir Edward Spears MP.


The Forbidden Zone. Heinemann, London 1929 in pictorial dw. Memoirs of her time as a nurse with several poems written at the time.


‘KLAXON’ (John Graham Bower). Writer of many accounts of the War at sea.


Songs of the Submarine. McBride, Nast & Co 1917


Archibald Allan BOWMAN (1883 – 1936). 2nd Lt., HLI. POW. Prof. of Logic, Glasgow University.


Sonnets from a Prison Camp. Bodley Head 1919 in dw. Signed by the author.



Vera Mary BRITTAIN (1893 – 1970). VAD nurse in the UK, France & Malta Fiancé of Roland Leighton.


Verses of a V.A.D. Erskine Macdonald 1918 in dw.


 Verses of the War and After. Gollancz 1934.


Other Works


Testament of Youth. Gollancz 1933 in dw.


Brian BROOKE (Korongo). Capt. 2nd Gordon Highlanders. KIA 1916


The Poems of Brian Brooke. Bodley Head 1929 (fp 1917) in dw.



Rupert BROOKE (1887 - 1915). Enlisted in 1914 in the Royal Naval Division, saw action at Antwerp, and died of blood poisoning on the island of Scyros on the way to the Dardanelles. Friend of Edward Marsh and leading light of the Georgian Poets.


 Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 4th December 1911. 500 copies printed. Keynes, 5. with a newspaper clipping of a poem on the death of Brooke by Trevor Allen inserted.

also. 27th imp. January 1920 in plain dw. The dw. only appeared with the 13th impression.



New Numbers. Vol.1, nos.1 - 4. Ryton, Dymock. February - December 1914. All published. Vol. 1 is 2nd ed. In custom-made slipcase. Poems by Lascelles Abercrombie, John Drinkwater, W. W. Gibson & Brooke. All of the Brooke poems were subsequently published in 1914 & other poems.


1914 & Other Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 16th June 1915 in dw. 1000 copies printed. Keynes, 6.

 also. 15th imp. October 1916 in dw with portrait of Brooke.

The Collected Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 24th July 1918. 3200 copies printed. Keynes, plain d.w.


also. 2nd ed. revised and reset. November 1928. In plain dw. The contents were here presented in chronological order for the first time with 1 new poem. Keynes 14.


The Old Vicarage Grantchester. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 14th December 1916. 2900 copies with a woodcut by Noel Rooke. Keynes, 29.


Twenty Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 21st October 1935. 10,000 copies printed. In wrappers with the original green dispatch envelope. Keynes, 35.


Other works


 Lithuania. Chicago Little Theatre, 1915. Cover by C. Raymond Johnson. 200 copies printed. Keynes, 38.

also. Sidgwick & Jackson 1935 in pale yellow jacket. 2000 copies.


John Webster & the Elizabethan Drama. Sidgwick & Jackson 1916 in d.w.


 Rupert Brooke: A Memoir by Edward Marsh. Sidgwick & Jackson, London November 1918. First separate edition. In plain dw.


Letters from America. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1931. Sixth Imp. in d.w.


Charles Kennett BURROW


Poems in Time of War in Time of Peace. Collins, London 1919 in plain d.w.

 Review copy.


Emile CAMMAERTS (1878 - 1953). Belgian playwright & Poet.


Messines & Other Poems. John Lane 1918


Noel Marcus Francis CORBETT (Lt. Comm., Royal Navy)


 A Naval Motley. Methuen & Co., London July 1916. 3rd ed.



Leslie COULSON (1889 - 1916). Journalist before the war. Sergeant in the 12th London Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Killed on the Somme, Oct 8, 1916. Buried Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, France.

 From an Outpost. Erskine Macdonald, London 1917. Wrappers. Sold over 10,000 copies in first 6 months of publication.



Thomas William Hodgson CROSLAND ("X"). Editor of the Academy.


War Poems. Secker, London Oct. 1916. in red cloth.


Geoffrey DEARMER (1893 - 1997). 2nd Lt., 1st/2nd Royal Fusiliers, London Regiment. Fought at Gallipoli and the Somme. Later editor of Children’s Hour on BBC radio. The longest surviving poet of the war.


Poems. Heinemann, London Dec 1918 2nd imp. in blue cloth.


C. J. DENNIS (1876 – 1938). The Australian Robert Burns.


The Moods of Ginger Mick. Angus & Robertson through OUP 1917 in jacket by Hal Lye.


Bertram DOBELL (1842 – 1914). Bookseller & Publisher. Grandfather of Doug Dobell, Jazz shop owner.


Sonnets & Lyrics on the Present War. P.J. & A. E. Dobell 1915


John DRINKWATER (1882 - 1937). Worked at Birmingham Repertory Theatre during the war as actor and playwright. Leading Georgian poet.


Olton Pools. Sidgwick & Jackson, London Dec 1916. in plain dw.

Inscribed to fellow poet ‘To Laurence Binyon from John Drinkwater.1916’


Another copy.

Olton Pools. Sidgwick & Jackson, London Dec 1916. in plain 2nd imp.dw. Inscribed 'To Augustus John from John Drinkwater. 1916'


Loyalties. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1919.


John FERGUSON (1871 - 1952) Poet & Novelist.


On Vimy Ridge & Other Poems. Gowans & Gray 1917


James Elroy FLECKER (1884 - 1915). Died in Switzerland. His death was described as 'the greatest premature loss to English literature since the death of Keats'. Linked to the Georgian poets. Wrote the play 'Hassan'

 The Old Ships. Poetry Bookshop, London June 1915, 2nd edition. Wrappers. Woodcut cover design by (Claude Lovat Fraser?)


F(rank) S(tuart) FLINT (1885 – 1960). Served in the army for 11 months in England. Co-Founder with Pound of the ‘Imagists’. Published only 3 volumes of verse, the last in 1925. Senior Civil Servant & translator.


Cadences. Poetry Bookshop, London 1915.

Wrappers with cover design by John Nash.

Hand-coloured by Alida Klemantaski & Charlotte Mew.



Ford Madox FORD (Hueffer). (1873 - 1939). Lieutenant, 9th Welch Regiment. Invalided home with shell-shock after Battle of the Somme. Author of 'The Good Soldier' and the Tietjens Tetralogy. Friend of Pound & Joyce.


 On Heaven and Other Poems written on Active Service. John Lane, London April 11, 1918. In plain blue dw.


Other works


When Blood Is Their Argument. Hodder, London 1915.


Between St. Dennis and St. George. Hodder, London 1915.


Some Do Not. Duckworth, London 1924. + Knopf 1924 in d.w.


No More Parades. Duckworth, London 1925 in d.w.


A Man Could Stand Up. Duckworth, London 1926 in dw.


Last Post. Duckworth, London 1928 in dw.


No Enemy, A Tale of Reconstruction. Macauley, New York 1929 (not published in UK).




Capt. Charles T. FOXCROFT (1868 – 1929) MP for Bath.


The Night Sister and other poems. Methuen 1918 in d.w.



Gilbert FRANKAU (1884 - 1952). Captain, Royal Artillery. Fought at Loos, Ypres and the Somme. Squadron Leader, RAF in 2nd World War.


The Guns. Chatto & Windus, London July 1916 3rd imp. Wrappers.


The Judgement of Valhalla. Chatto & Windus, London 1918. in plain dw. Tipped in envelope addressed to previous owner in Frankaus' hand and with Susan & Gilbert's Christmas bookmark.


Other works


 Peter Jackson, Cigar Merchant. Hutchinson, London 1920 in dw from 199th thousand.


Three Englishmen. Hutchinson, London 1935 2nd reprint in dw


Self-Portrait. A Novel of his own life. Hutchinson, London n.d (1939?)



T. Argyle GALLOWAY. ?


Poemettes of Appeal. Privately printed. n.d. Inscribed by the author.


Erwin Clarkson GARRETT. 16th Infantry Battalion, 1st Division, American Expeditionary Force.


Trench Ballads & Other Verses. J. C. Winston, Philadelphia 1919. in striking pictorial dw.


Wilfred Wilson GIBSON (1878 - 1962).  Spent a short time at the front as a private. Close friend of Brooke, Thomas and Edward Marsh. One of the Dymock Poets.


Battle. Elkin Matthews, London 1916. 3rd thousand. Wrappers.


Friends. Elkin Matthews, London 1916. Wrappers. Inscribed by Gibson to Sir George Clausen, Official War Artist ('Youth Mourning') and dedicatee of Gibson's 'Thoroughfares'.


I Heard a Sailor. Macmillan 1925 in d.w. Inscribed by Gibson to Laurence Binyon.


Hazards. Macmillan 1930 in d.w. Inscribed by Gibson to Laurence Binyon.


Grace Mary GOLDEN


Backgrounds. Blackwell 1917. Wrappers.


Hampden GORDON (1885 – 1960). Worked in the War Office throughout the war. Author of a number of children’s & illustrated books. A career Civil Servant.


Our Hospital A.B.C. John Lane, London nd (1916). Illustrated by Joyce Dennys. Signed by Joyce Dennys.


Our Girls in Wartime. John Lane, London nd (1917). Illustrated by Joyce Dennys.


Rhymes of the Red Triangle. John Lane, London nd (1918). Illustrated by Joyce Dennys.


Robert GRAVES (1895 - 1985). Captain, Royal Welch Fusiliers. Fought at Loos and on the Somme where he was severely wounded ( reported 'Died of Wounds'). Professor of Literature at Cairo and Poetry at Oxford. Wrote 'Goodbye to all that'. Close friend of Owen, Sassoon and Nichols.

 Over the Brazier. Poetry Bookshop, London 1st May 1916. Cover design of the Menin Gate by Claude Lovat Fraser. Wrappers. Higginson, A1a. In custom-made slip case.


Another copy. As above but faintly marked 2nd impression. (thought to have been printed from the same typeset).

Signed by Muriel St Clair Byrne, minor Oxford poetess (Aldebaran), better known for her collaborations with Dorothy L. Sayers.


Goliath and David. Privately Printed, London late 1916. 200 copies printed


             in dark red heavy paper wrappers. Higginson, A2 ( Bloomsbury Book Auction, Sale 548 lot 980)


Fairies and Fusiliers. Heinemann, 8 November    1917.

1000 copies printed. in light green dw. Higginson, A3a.

with the bookplate of Baron Corvos' biographer A. J. A. Symons,

founder of the first editions club. His brother, Julian, was a

close friend of Graves. Also from the library of Joseph Cohen, biographer of Rosenberg and other WW1 poets, with his signature.


Country Sentiment. Martin Secker, March 1920. 1000 copies printed. Pale


blue cobble-stone design of cover by William Nicholson in plain d.w. Higginson, A5a.


The Pier-Glass. Martin Secker, February, 1921.500 copies printed.

in plain dw. Higginson, A6a. Inscribed 'Yours ever, Robert Graves. Boars' Hill 1921' Graves and Nancy Nicholson lived in the cottage in the garden of John Masefield's house at Boars Hill from September 1919 until May 1921.


Welchman's Hose. The Fleuron, September 1925. 525 copies.

with wood engravings and cover by Paul Nash. Higginson, A16.


Poems (1914 - 1926). Heinemann, 2 June 1927. 1000 copies printed. Nicholson cobble-stone cover. Higginson, A23a.


Other works

 Lawrence and the Arabs. Cape, London 1927 in dw

 Goodbye To All That. Cape, London 1929 in dw. 2nd state without the Sassoon poem between p. 341 - 343.

also.2nd revised ed. Cape, London 1957 in dw.


But It Still Goes On. Cape, London 1930. 2nd state with no mention of 'The Child She Bare'


Julian GRENFELL (1888 - 1915). Eldest son of Lord Desborough. A regular officer before the war. Captain, 1st Royal Dragoons. DSO. Wounded near Ypres. Buried Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.


War Poems from the Times: August 1914 - 1915. Issued with The Times, Aug. 9th 1915. Contains Grenfell's 'Into Battle'.


Other Works


Pages from a Family Journal by Lady Desborough. Privately printed 1916. Inscribed to her ladies maid.


Ronald GURNER (1890 – 1939). 8th Battalion, Rifle Brigade. Headmaster of The Whitgift School, Croydon.


 War’s Echo. T. Fisher Unwin, 1917


Other Works


Pass Guard at Ypres. Dent, London 1930 in d.w.


Ivor GURNEY (1890 - 1937). Served as a private in the 2nd/5th Gloucesters, later transferred to Machine Gun Corps. Gassed at Passchendaele. Studied at Royal College of Music. Committed to Barnwood House asylum in 1922. Close friend of F. W. Harvey.


Severn & Somme. Sidgwick & Jackson, 1917. in salmon coloured cloth.


War’s Embers. Sidgwick & Jackson, 1919 in dw.


Poems by Ivor Gurney. Hutchinson, 1954 in dw. Edited by Edmund Blunden


W. Henry HARRIS (?).


Britain Rings True & other poems. Privately Printed, Redruth (1914-15). in orange cloth.


F. W. HARVEY (1888 - 1857). Served with the 5th Gloucestershire Regiment as a private. Captured soon after being commissioned in 1916 and spent the rest of the war in Gutersloh and Crefeld prison camps. Wrote 'Comrades in Captivity' about his experience there. Awarded DCM. A solicitor in later life. A close friend of Ivor Gurney.


A Gloucestershire Lad at Home and Abroad. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1916.


Gloucestershire Friends. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1917 in dw.


Ducks & Other Verses. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1919.


 In Pillowell Woods and other Poems. Frank Harris, Lydney 1926.


Gloucestershire. A Selection from the Poems. Oliver & Boyd, London 1947. Harvey's' first collection for 22 years. Contains many new poems.


 Other works


Comrades in Captivity. A record of life in seven German prisons. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1920 in dw..


Mary H. J. HENDERSON (?).


In War & Peace: Songs of a Scotswoman. Erskine Macdonald, April 1918. with a foreword by John Oxenham. Pale blue cloth.


A. P. HERBERT (1890 - 1971). Lt. Royal Naval Division. Fought at Gallipoli, mentioned in dispatches. Wounded in France. Wrote 'The Secret Battle'. Served as MP for Oxford. Knighted in 1945.


Half-Hours at Helles. Blackwell, November 1916. Third imp. in wrappers.


The Bomber Gypsy. Methuen, 1918. in red cloth.


Other works


The Secret Battle. Knopf, New York 1920


William Noel HODGSON (1893 - 1916). Lt. 9th Devonshire Regiment. MC. Killed on the first day of the Somme. Buried Devonshire Cemetery, Mametz.


Verse and Prose in Peace and War. Smith, Elder 1916. in green cloth + 3rd ed. reprint 1920 in plain d.w. Inscribed by Hodgson’s sister, Stella Tower to the bishop of St. Edmonsbury & Norwich. Their father previously held the same office.


Jimmy HOWCROFT (1893 - ?).  Observer with the RFC. Crashed over the Somme in September 1916 fracturing his spine. Paralysed for the rest of his life. Lived in Liphook, Hants.


The Songs of a Broken Airman. Hodder & Stoughton, 1923 in pictorial dw



David JONES (1895 - 1974).Served in France & Flanders with 15th Royal Welch Fusiliers from 1915. CBE 1955. One of the leading British painters of the day.

 In Parenthesis. Faber & Faber, London 1937.

in plain dw.


Herbert KAUFMAN ( 1878 - ?). American Poet.

 The Song of the Guns. T. Fisher Unwin, London October 1914 in Pictorial wrappers. Highly popular patriotic verse republished in 1918 as 'The Hell-Gate of Soissons'.



G. A. Studdert KENNEDY ('Woodbine Willie'(1883 - 1929)). M.C. , Chaplain to the Forces


Rough Rhymes of a Padre. Hodder & Stoughton, London 1922, 11th ed.


More Rough Rhymes of a Padre. Hodder & Stoughton 1919.


Rhymes. Hodder & Stoughton, London 1932 reprint. Collection of his 'Rough Rhymes of a Padre' & 'More Rough Rhymes'. Wrappered boards.


R. Watson KERR (1895 – 1860). 2nd Lt., MGC & 2nd Royal Tank Corps. MC


War Daubs:Poems. Bodley Head 1919


Stephen KING-HALL (‘Etienne, Lt. R. N. 1893 – 1966) . Commander, Royal Navy. Author & Broadcaster. Created Baron Hall in 1966


Verses from the Grand Fleet. Erskine Macdonald 1917. Purple wrappers.



Rudyard KIPLING (1865 - 1936). O.M. Kipling’s' son John was a lieutenant in the Irish Guards and was killed at Loos. He was active with the War Graves Commission after the war being responsible for the text on many memorials. Wrote a history of the Irish Guards.


The Years Between. Methuen, London 1919 dw. Livingston, 442.


Other works


The Irish Guards in the Great War 2 vol. Macmillan 1923 in dw. Signed by Kipling.


The Fringes of the Fleet. Macmillan 1915


France at War. Macmillan 1915


The New Army in Training. Macmillan 1915


Sea Warfare. Macmillan 1916


and many others.



Francis LEDWIDGE (1891 - 1917). Lance Corporal, 1st & 5th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Fought at Gallipoli, killed near Boesinghe on the 1st day of 3rd Ypres. Friend of Lord Dunsany. Buried Artillery Wood Cemetery, Boesinghe.


Songs of Peace. Herbert Jenkins, London 1917. Introduced by Lord Dunsany.  in green cloth


Last Songs. Herbert Jenkins, London 1918. Introduced by Lord Dunsany in dw.


The Complete Poems. Herbert Jenkins, London red cloth.


Joseph Johnston LEE (1876 - 1954). Sgt. in the Black Watch, Lt. in KRRC. POW detailed in Captive at Carlsruhe, Wrote a book on Lippi.


Ballads of Battle.Murray 1916. Illustrated by the author in dw.


Work-A-Day Warriors. Murray, London 1917. Illustrated by the author.


Joseph LEFTWICH ( 1892 - ?). Writer & Journalist, close friend of Rosenberg and John Rodker. His poem 'Killed in Action' was for many years thought to be by Rosenberg.


Along the Years. Robert Anscombe, London 1937. No 93 of 750 copies. In plain cream dw.


Roland LEIGHTON (1895 - 1915). Lt. 1st/7th Worcestershire Regiment. Brother of the illustrator Clare Leighton and fiancé of Vera Brittain. Buried at Louvencourt Military cemetery.


Poems. Privately printed, 1993. inscribed to my wife by the authors' nephew David, April 1993 and with a letter from him. Wrappers.


Shane LESLIE (1885 - 1971). Baronet. 1st Cousin of Winston Churchill. Author of various novels and biographies of Swift, George IV & Cardinal Manning.



The Epic of Jutland. Ernest Benn, London 1930 in dw. Inscribed & hand corrected by the author aboard the Aquitania in Dec. 1934

 Poems & Ballads. Ernest Benn, London 1933. in cream cloth.


Winifred M. LETTS (1882 - 1971). Irish. VAD in 1915 in Manchester.


Hallow-e'en and Poems of the War. John Murray, London 1916. In green cloth.


P. H. B. LYON (1893 - 1986). Capt. 6th Durham Light Infantry. MC. Headmaster of Rugby School.


Turn Fortune. Constable, London 1923. in patterned cloth.



John McCRAE (1872 - 1918). Lt. Col. A Canadian doctor before the war. Joined as a gunner, but transferred to medical corps. In charge of No 3 hospital in Boulogne. Died of pneumonia before he could take up post of consultant to the British Army. Buried Wimerieux Communal Cemetery.


In Flanders Fields & Other Poems. William Briggs, Toronto 1919. in plain dw. The first book appearance of what has been called the most famous poem of the war.


Patrick MacGILL (1889 - 1963). Sergeant, London Irish Rifles.

 Wounded at Loos in 1915. Irish journalist, published many books before & after the war including many on the war.


 Soldier Songs. Herbert Jenkins, London 1917.

In pictorial dw.

Other works


The Amateur Army. Herbert Jenkins, London 1915


The Red Horizon. Herbert Jenkins, London 1916


 The Great Push. Herbert Jenkins, London 1916. in dw


The Brown Brethren. Herbert Jenkins, London 1918

in dw. 21st thousand.


The Diggers. Herbert Jenkins, London 1919.


Fear. Herbert Jenkins, London n.d. (1925) in dw. f.p.1921.



Arthur James ('Hamish') MANN (1896 - 1917). 2nd Lt.,8th Black Watch. Killed on 10th April during the battle of Arras. Buried Aubigny Communal Cemetery.


A Subaltern's Musings. John Long, London 1918. in purple cloth.


Frederic MANNING (1882 - 1935). Private, 7th Kings' Shropshire Light Infantry. Australian. Published 'The Middle Parts of Fortune' in 1929. Widely regarded as the best book about ordinary soldiers in the war.


Eidola. John Murray, London 1917. In red cloth.


Other works


The Middle Parts of Fortune. Somme & Ancre, 1916. Piazza Press, London 1929. 2 volumes. no.228 of 510 copies.


Her Privates We. Peter Davis, London 1930.


Alice MEYNELL (1847 - 1922). Sister of Lady Butler, the military painter, &  mother of Francis Meynell. Editer of several literary magazines of the 90s &  friend of many figures of the late Victorian era - Tennyson, Ruskin etc.


Poems. Burns & Oates, London 1914, eleventh thousand. In green cloth. Inscribed ‘To Dear Lady Desborough from Alice Meynell, 1917’  Library sticker from Taplow Court. Ettie Desborough was the mother of Julian & Billie Grenfell & one of the leading lights of the ‘Souls’. The parties at Taplow Court were said to be one of the highlights of the season.


A Father of Women & Other Poems. Burns & Oates, London 1917. in plain wrappers.



Harold MONRO (1879 - 1932). Commissioned in anti-aircraft battery, RA later in War Office. Proprietor & publisher of the Poetry Bookshop. Friend of Owen, Gibson, Edward March etc.


    Trees. Poetry Bookshop, London 1916 with 6 woodcut illustrations by James Guthrie. Limited edition of 400 copies in black paper boards.


 Strange Meetings. Poetry Bookshop, London Dec.1917 2nd thousand. in wrappers.


Real Property. Poetry Bookshop, London 14th March 1922. Wrappers.


Charles MURRAY (1864 - 1941). Born in Alford, Aberdeenshire. Lt. in Boer War with Railway Pioneer Regiment. Lt. Col. South African Defence Force during Great War. Author of 'Hamewith'.


A Sough O' War. Constable 1917. Wrappers.


Robert NICHOLS (1893 - 1944). Fought on the Somme with the Royal Artillery. Invalided home with shellshock. Georgian poet, close friend of Brooke & Sassoon.


 Invocation: War poems & Others. Elkin Mathews, London 1915. Wrappers.


Ardours & Endurances. Chatto & Windus, London 1917. in pictorial dw. with contemporary review from the Times tipped-in.


Aurelia & Other Poems. Chatto & Windus, London 1920. in cloth.


Carola OMAN (1897 – 1978). Daughter of the Historian Sir Charles Oman. Served as a nurse with the British Red Cross on the Western Front from 1916 – 1919. Novelist & Biographer, winner of the James Tate Black Memorial Prize in 1953. CBE 1957.


The Menin Road & other poems. Hodder & Stoughton, London 1919 in blue dw.


Wilfred OWEN (1893 - 1918). Lt. 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment. MC. The major poet of the Great War, heavily influenced by Sassoon whom he met whilst convalescing from shellshock at Craiglockhart. Introduced by Sassoon to Graves, Nichols, the Sitwell’s and Edward Marsh. Killed on November 4th. Buried Ors Village Communal Cemetery.


Wheels: A Forth Cycle. Blackwell 1919. 1000 copies. Cover design by William Roberts. Edited by Edith Sitwell. Dedicated to Owen. Owen's first appearance in book form - contains 7 of his poems. with the signature of Paul Jordan Smith, editor Los Angeles Times and noted book collector.


Poems. Chatto & Windus, London 1920. Introduction by Siegfried Sassoon & with a preface by Owen. 1000 copies. with the bookplate of Robert Cecil Owen?


The Poems of Wilfred Owen. Chatto & Windus, London 1931. Plain d.w. Compiled by Edmund Blunden. 1520 ordinary copies in UK.



Max PLOWMAN (1883 - 1941). Lt. 10th West Yorks. Fought on the Somme. Wrote 'A Subaltern on the Somme' under the pseudonym Mark VII. Secretary of the Peace Pledge Union & Editor of the Adelphi.


A Lap Full of Seed. Blackwell, Oxford 1917. in green cloth.


Shoots in the Stubble. C. W. Daniel, London 1920. in blue cloth.


Other works

 A Subaltern on the Somme. Dent, London Jan. 1928 3rd imp. in dw.


Bridge into the Future. Dakers, London 1944. Letters.


Jessie POPE (1868 – 1941). Poet, Writer & Journalist.


Hits & Misses. Grant Richards 1920 in grey boards, inscribed by Pope in 1931.


Herbert READ (1893 - 1968). Capt. Green Howards. MC, DSO. Professor and lecturer in fine arts and poetry. Knighted in 1953.


 Naked Warriors. Art & Letters, London 1919. In wrappers with design by Wyndham Lewis (see. W.Michel ‘Wyndham Lewis’ cat.260)


Eclogues. Beaumont Press, London Dec.20, 1919. No. 115 of 200 copies, 120 as this on hand-made paper. Illustrated by Ethelbert White.


 Collected Poems 1913 - 1925. Faber & Gwyer, London 1926 in brown cloth.

The End of a War. Faber & Faber, London 1933. In plain yellow dw.


Edgell RICKWORD (1898 - 1982). Lt. Royal Berkshire Regiment. MC. Invalided out after losing sight in one eye. Biographer and translator. Assistant Ed. 'Left Review'. Editor of 'Our Time'. Friend of W. J. Turner.


Behind the Eyes. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1921. in patterned cloth.

Collected Poems. Bodley Head, London 1947 in blue cloth. from the library of Allington Castle, Kent.


E. V. RIEU (1887-1972). Translator of Homer & Editor of Penguin Classics.


The Tryst & Other Poems. Humphrey Milford 1917 in d.w.


W. F. ROLLO. L. Cpl. 1st Batt., Border Regiment.

Stray Shots from the Dardanelles. Thurnam & Sons, Carlisle 1916, 2nd ed. Inscribed by Lt. Holmes Parker, 3rd Border Regiment who has annotated the text.


Isaac ROSENBERG (1890 - 1918). 1st & 11th Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment. Apprenticed as an engraver, studied at the Slade with Nash and Spencer. Befriended by Binyon and Edward Marsh. His first 3 volumes privately printed at his own expense. Killed April 1st near Arras. Buried Bailleul Road East Cemetery.

 Night & Day. Privately Printed facsimile ed. Grove Press, Ilkley June 1979

  No.5 of 10


Youth. Privately Printed by I. Narodiczky, London 1915. approx. 100 copies printed. Rosenberg raised the £2 10s to have this, his 2nd of 3 slim pamphlets, printed by selling 3 drawings to Edward Marsh.


 Moses. Privately Printed by Reuben (Crazy) Cohen at The Paragon Printing Works, London 1916. no. of copies unknown but probably around 50. The last of  Rosenberg’s’ 3 privately printed pamphlets. 11 ink corrections as called for possibly in Rosenbergs’ hand but more likely in Cohens’


Poems. Heinemann, London 1922. In plain blue dw. 500 copies printed. Introduction by Laurence Binyon. Inscribed by Annie Wynick, Rosenberg’s' sister & literary executrix. From the library of Joseph Cohen, biographer of Rosenberg in 'Journey to the Trenches'. Annie Wynick devoted her life to keeping Rosenberg’s poetry in the public eye. She died in a tragic accident in Brighton in 1961.


The Complete Poems. Chatto & Windus, London 1937. dw. 500 copies printed. Foreword by Siegfried Sassoon.


Owen RUTTER (1889 - 1944). Major, Wiltshire Regiment. Mentioned in despatches. Published under the pseudonym 'Klip-Klip'.

 Tiadatha. Philip Allan, London pictorial dw. Decorated by Richard Ogle, preface by Lord Milne. 1st single volume edition of Song & Travels of Tiadatha. (for a full appreciation see 'The Price of Pity' by Martin Stephen).



Siegfried SASSOON (1886 - 1967). MC, CBE. Capt. 1st, 2nd & 25th Royal Welch Fusiliers. Twice wounded. Committed to Craiglockhart psychiatric hospital after publication of his anti-war statement. There met Wilfred Owen. Friend of Graves and the Bloomsbury set. Literary editor 'Daily Herald'. Published fictionalised biographical trilogy 'Memoirs of George Sherston'.


The Old Huntsman & Other Poems. Heinemann, London 3rd May 1917. in plain dw. 740 copies published in England. Erratum slip on p.5. Keynes A15a.


Four Poems. Reprinted from 'The Cambridge Magazine', No.7, Cambridge, January 1918. A  4-page leaflet. The four poems are 'Dreamers', 'Base Details', 'Does it Matter?' and 'Glory of Women'. 200 – 250 copies printed.

Keynes A16.


Counter-Attack. Heinemann, London 27th June 1918. Rebound incorporating the original wrappers. 1500 copies printed.

Keynes A 17a.


Picture Show. Privately printed for the

author by J. B. Peace, Cambridge

University, June 1919. 200 copies printed

in brown paper boards. Keynes A19a.Inscribed by Joseph Cohen, Professor

Emeritus Tulane University, biographer

of several of the war poets.


Picture Show. Dutton, New York, April 1920. 2nd printing in grey cloth. 7 additional poems to that of the English edition above. Keynes A19b.


The War Poems. Heinemann, London, 30th Oct.1919 in plain dw. 2000 copies. Keynes A20.


Selected Poems. Heinemann, London April 1925 in blue cloth. 2000 copies Keynes A24.


Satirical Poems. Heinemann, London 29th April 1926 in plain dw. 1500 copies printed. Keynes A26a.


Nativity. Faber & Gwyer, London 1927. Pamphlet with cover and 1 other design by Paul Nash. No 7 of the Ariel Poems. 3500 copies. Keynes A27.


The Heart's Journey. Heinemann, London 19th July 1928 in plain dw. 2000 copies printed.Keynes A28b.


The Road to Ruin. Faber, London, November 1933 in red cloth. 3000 copies printed. Keynes A38.


Vigils. Heinemann, London November 1935 dark blue cloth in plain dw. 2000 copies printed. Keynes A39d.


Collected Poems. Faber, London 12th Sept.1947 in light green cloth. 10,000 copies printed. Keynes A52a


Other works


Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man. Faber & Gwyer, London 28th Sept. 1928 in plain dw. State 1b. 1500 copies printed. Keynes A30a.


also Illustrated edition. Faber, London 1929. Keynes A30d.


Memoirs of an Infantry Officer. Faber & Faber, London 1930 in plain dw. 20,000 copies. Keynes A33a.


Sherston's Progress.


Faber & Faber, London Sept.1936 in plain blue dw. 15,720 copies printed. Keynes A40a.


The Complete Memoirs of

George Sherston. Faber &

Faber, London Oct.1937 in pictorial dw. 4,500 copies printed. Keynes A41a.


The Old Century & Seven More Years. Faber & Faber, London Sept.1938.

10,000 copies printed. Keynes A42.


The Weald of Youth. Faber & Faber, London Oct.1942 in dw by Reynolds Stone. 10,000 copies printed. Keynes A49a.


Siegfried's Journey. Faber & Faber, London Dec.1945 in dw by Reynolds Stone. 31,350 copies printed. Keynes A51a.


Autograph letter, signed, to a Mr. Thornburgh declining an invitation to address the Literary Circle of the National Liberal Club “ I am an unwilling public speaker, and very seldom come to London in these days”. On printed letterhead of Ben Buie Lodge, Mull, cancelled by hand to Heytesbury House, Wilts. 18:9:49. Sassoon was visiting his wife Hester at her house on Mull at this time. She had moved there 4 years earlier. From the Alan Clodd Library. Maggs Cat.1381, item 1026.



Owen SEAMAN (?). Kt.


War-Time. Constable, London 1915 2nd imp. with additional poems in  green wrappers.


Alan SEEGER (1888 - 1916). Born in New York, joined the French Foreign Legion. Fought at Champagne and on the Somme where he and his comrades were killed by German enfilade fire on July 4th. Seen as the American Rupert Brooke.


Poems. Constable, London 1917 in orange cloth. Contains his most anthologised poem 'I have a rendezvous with death'.


Robert SERVICE (1874 - 1958). Born in Preston but emigrated to Canada in 1894. Served as an ambulance driver with the Canadian Army Medical Corps on the Western Front for 2 years. Writer of many novels and poems.


Rhymes of a Red-Cross Man. Barse & Hopkins, New York 1916.

In pictorial dw.



Edward SHANKS (1892 - 1953). Joined 8th South Lancashire Regiment in 1914 but invalided out the following year. Worked in War Office for remainder of the war. First winner of the Hawthornden Prize. Lecturer in Poetry, University of Liverpool. Leader writer Evening Standard.


 Songs. Poetry Bookshop, London 1915 in pictorial wrappers.


Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1916 in red cloth.


The Queen of China & Other Poems. Knopf, New York 1919 in plain dw.


Dora SIGERSON (Mrs. Clement SHORTER) (? - 1918). Irish poetess.


The Sad Years. Constable, London 1918. Cream paper covered boards.




The Second Flight. Duckworth 1939 in d.w.


Lancelot de Giberne SIEVEKING (1896 – 1972). DFC. Royal Naval Air Service. Shotdown & captured in 1917. Drama script editor & producer for BBC. Writer & journalist.


The Cud. Mills & Boon, London March 1922. Limited to 500 copies. The war poems here were written while Sieveking was in a German prison camp.

Inscribed by the author ‘As for this lot: This is for Scott. What a lot of rot.’

Scott Goddard  wrote the incidental music for some of Sievekings’ radio plays.


Other Works

Smite & Spare Not. Cassell, London June 1933 2nd imp (fp April 1933) in dw by Paul Nash. Incribed by the author.


Silence in Heaven. Cassell, London 1936 in dw by Paul Nash.


The Eye of the Beholder. Hulton, London 1957 in photographic dw.


Osbert SITWELL (1892 - 1969). Regular officer, Grenadier Guards, fought at Loos. Edited 'Wheels' with his sister Edith. Same regiment as E. W. Tennant. Friend of Owen & Sassoon. Baronet 1943.


Argonaut & Juggernaut. Chatto & Windus, London 1919 in beige cloth.


Charles SORLEY (1895 - 1915). Capt., 7th Suffolk Regiment. Educated Marlborough College. Killed 13th October, at the battle of Loos. Loos Memorial to the Missing, Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos.


 Marlborough & Other Poems. Cambridge University Press,   1st ed. January 1916 in dw + 2nd ed. February 1916 with additional poem  + 3rd ed. November 1916 with illustrations in prose. All in blue cloth + 4th ed. May 1919, re-arranged & re-set in plain d.w.


 Other Works


Letters from Germany & from the Army. Privately printed 1916. Inscribed to Sorley’s uncle James from his parents. No.5 of 60 copies.


The Letters of Charles Sorley. Cambridge Univ. Press 1919 in dw.


Sir J(ohn) C(ollings) SQUIRE (1884 - 1958). Leader of the Georgian Poets after Edward Marsh. Editor London Mercury. Published many collections of light verse & parodies. Friend of the war artist John Nash.


The Survival of the Fittest. Allen & Unwin, December 1919. revised ed. Inscribed 'John Nash from J. C. Squire, 1919'


Edward de STEIN (1887 - 1965). 11th Kings Royal Rifle Corps, transferring to the Machine Gun Corps. Director of Finance, Ministry of Supply during 2nd World War. Knighted 1946.


The Poets in Picardy. John Murray, 1919 in dw.


John STILL (?). Lt., East Yorkshire Regiment. Spent 3 years as a POW in Turkey an account of which he published as 'A Prisoner in Turkey'.


Poems in Captivity. John Lane, London 1919 in  blue cloth.


Edward Wyndham ('Bim') TENNANT (1897 - 1916). 4th Grenadier Guards. Son of Lord Glenconner and the youngest Wykehamist to enlist. In the same company as Osbert Sitwell. Killed September 22nd during the Battle of the Somme. Buried Guillemont Road Cemetery.

 Worple Flit & Other Poems. Blackwell, Oxford 1916 in grey wrappers. Inscribed to Lady Plymouth, George Wyndham’s (Bim’s uncle’s)mistress.


Wheels. A Second Cycle. Blackwell, Oxford 1917. 1000 copies. Edited by Edith Sitwell. Cover by C. W. Beaumont. First appearance of 'The Mad Soldier'. from the library of Paul Jordan Smith (see above).

 Other Works


Letters from my sons during the Great War by Pamela Glenconner. Privately printed 1916. Only one other copy traced in the University of Texas.

Edward Wyndham Tennant. A Memoir by his mother Pamela Glenconner. John Lane, London 1919 with many additional poems. Blue cloth.


Edward THOMAS (1878 - 1917). 2nd Lt., 244th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Established travel and nature writer. Encouraged to write poetry by Robert Frost. Georgian and friend of the Dymock poets. Enlisted in the Artists Rifles. Killed 9th April at the Battle of Arras. Buried Agny Military Cemetery.


 An Annual of New Poetry. Constable, London 1917. Ed. by Gordon Bottomley. Contains 18 poems under his pseudonym 'Edward Eastaway'. With poems by Frost, Gibson, Drinkwater and others. The first substantial collection of Thomas' poems to appear in print. In plain light green dw.


 Poems. Selwyn & Blount, London 1917. 525 copies. in grey boards.


Last Poems. Selwyn & Blount, London 1918 in cream boards.


Twelve Poets. A Miscellany of New Verse. Selwyn & Blount, London 1918 in original glassine d.w.  Contains 10 poems by Thomas all previously published.


Collected Poems. Selwyn & Blount, London 1920. with a foreword by Walter de la Mare. In blue cloth.


Selected Poems. Gregynog Press, Newtown 24th June, 1927. No 29 of 275 copies. with an introduction by Edward Garnett. in yellow boards.


Other works


Rose Acre Papers. Duckworth, London 1910 in dw.


Cloud Castle & Other Papers. Duckworth, London 1922 with a foreword by W. H. Hudson. Bookplate of P. H. B. Lyon, WW1 Poet & Headmaster of Rugby School.


Edward THOMPSON (1886 - 1946). Wesleyan minister. Chaplain to the 7th Division in Mesopotamia in 1916. Resigned from the ministry in 1923.


Collected Poems. Ernest Benn, London 1930. in cream dw.


Other works


 These Men Thy Friends. Knopf, London 1927 in dw.


Crusader's Coast. Benn, London 1929 in dw.


In Araby Orion. Benn, London 1930 in dw.


Lament For Adonis. Benn, London 1932 in dw.


Walter James TURNER (1889 - 1946). Royal Garrison Artillery. Friend of Rupert Brooke and the Georgians. Sassoon bought him his first house. Literary editor Daily Herald (succeeded Sassoon) and Spectator.


The Hunter & Other Poems. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1916 in contemporary home-made dw. inscribed 'To Sherril Schell from W. J. Turner' and containing an a.l.s.  from Turner to Schell. Schell was the American photographer who took the famous photos of Rupert Brooke. This book is dedicated to Francis Meynell who introduced Brooke to Schell. The enclosed letter mentions a visit by Turner to Meynell. Stuck to the rear board is a photo of Turner by Schell.


Other works


The Duchess of Popocatapetl. Dent, London 1939 in dw. by Edward Bawden


A satirical novel in which the hero, James Blow (based on Sassoon) goes to the war and meets various literary characters like T. E. Lawrence & Hardy. The character ‘Airbubble’ is Turner.


Katharine TYNAN (1859-1931). Irish novelist. Mother of Pamela Hinkson, author of ‘The Victors’ under the pseudonym ‘Peter Deane’.

Flower of Youth. Sidgwick 1915, 2nd imp.


Herb o’Grace. Sidgwick 1918. Review Copy.


Robert Ernest VERNEDE (1875 - 1917). 2nd Lt.,3rd & 12th Rifle Brigade. Novelist before the war. Wounded on the Somme in 1916. Killed on April 9th by machine-gun fire at Havrincourt Wood. Buried Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension.

War Poems & Other Verses. Heinemann, London 1917 in plain d.w.. with an introduction by Edmund Gosse in red cloth.


Alec WAUGH (1898 - 1981). Brother of Evelyn Waugh. Officer with the Dorset regiment in 1917. POW recounted in 'The Prisoners of Mainz'. Served during 2nd World War. Prolific novelist, notably 'The Loom of Youth'.


Resentment. Grant Richards, London 1918. in cream boards.


Other works


The Prisoners of Mainz. Chapman & Hall, London 1919.


Arthur Graham WEST (1891 - 1917). 16th Public Schools Battalion, Lt. 6th Battalion Oxs & Bucks Light Infantry. Killed 3rd April near Guillemont. Buried HAC Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein.


The Diary of a Dead Officer. Allen & Unwin, London 1918. Ed. by C. E. M. Joad. in brown boards.


Ella Wheeler WILCOX (1850 – 1919). American author & poet of popular verse.


Hello Boys. Gay & Hancock 1918 in wrappers.

George WILLIS (?).


Any Soldier to his Son. Allen & Unwin, London 1919. Wrappers with cover design by C. R. W. Nevinson.



Theodore Percival Cameron WILSON (1889 - 1918). Capt.,10th Battalion Sherwood Foresters. Son of a clergyman, a schoolmaster and novelist before the war. Killed on the Somme March 23rd during the Ludendorff Offensive. Arras Memorial to the Missing, Fauborg d'Amiens.

 Magpies in Picardy. Poetry Bookshop, London May 15th 1919. Cover design by Claude Lovat Fraser.



Margaret Louise WOODS ( ? ).


The Return & Other Poems. John Lane, London 1921 in green cloth.


Edward Hilton YOUNG ( 1879 - 1960). DSO, DSC Lt. RNVR. Wounded at Zeebruge. An MP and Minister of Health. Became Lord Kennet. Married Scott's widow. Published 6 further books.

 A Muse at Sea. Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1919. In plain dw.


Francis Brett YOUNG (1884 – 1954). Captain, RAMC in the East African Campaign.


Five Degrees South. Martin Secker, London 1917 in wrappers.


Other Works


Marching on Tanga. Collins, 1917 in dw


Jim Redlake. Heinemann 1930 in dw


Contemporary Anthologies


“Poems of the Great War.” Chatto. (1914).  


“War Poems from the Times.” Times. (1915).  


“The Fiery Cross.” G. Richards. (1915).


“A Crown of Amaranth” Erskine Macdonald  (1915).


“Battalion Ballads”. Clark. (1916)


“Georgian Poetry 1916 - 1917.” P. Bookshop. (1917).   


“An Annual of New Poetry 1917.” Constable. (1917).  


“New Paths.” C. W. Beaumont. (1918).


“A Treasury of War Poetry.” Hodder. (1919).  


“Oxford Poetry 1917 - 1919.” Blackwell. (1920).


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Trotter, J. T. “Valour & Vision.” Longmans. (1920).  





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